10/08/18 - Ocean Classroom: Day 18

Ocean Classroom: Day 18

New Bedford, MA

Johnny G.

I ran out of snacks three days ago…

Now, I’m sitting here watching everybody else eating Oreos, jerky, Starburst, protein bars, and other assorted treats.  It’s torture!  Some students on the boat have stuffed their snack bags to the point of popping- I don’t know if I’m going to be able to stand it!

But, thankfully, we arrived at the New Bedford port today.  By this time tomorrow, my bag will be as full as a stuffed turkey at a German Christmas.  Jack-links, Mike-n-Ikes, M&Ms, Goldfish, pretzels, gummy bears and more!

Perhaps I’ll hit up a few restaurants during our free time tomorrow.  Something really interesting would be to pick up a few frozen burger patties and store them, ready to be grilled.  Or some chicken salad.  Maybe I’ll check in with our Chef, Brandon, and run the idea by him…  Tomorrow is going to be so great!

Loving my time on the Roseway,