10/07/18 - Ocean Classroom: Day 17

Ocean Classroom: Day 17

New Bedford, MA

Mackenzie T.

Today I was awoken at 5:45 to the calming sound of someone softly telling me the weather and that it was time for my watch.  I climbed out of the fo’c’sle and out on deck where the former group was waiting for me to do turnover.  I had the last anchor watch which means that I was able to watch the sun rise; the best way to wake up!  My group finished all our tasks in a timely manner, which meant that we got to hang out on deck until we had to wake everyone up.  After, we had another one of our cook, Brandon’s, delicious meals.  B-watch cleaned up the meal then we were all surprised by a swim call.  We all got in our swim gear and jumped off the side of the deck.  After a cooling swim, it was time to set sail.  We all joined forces to set the foresail, jumbo, and jib.  It looks spectacular when everything comes together setting sails.  We had free time in the afternoon to work on homework, take a nap, etc.  I chose to work on my ditty bag (a bag used to hold sailor’s tools).  Brandon then made us another incredible meal which was chicken fried rice.  All the students not on watch took a “Roseway after meal nap,” which is what we call naps on board.  We were woken up around three to take in sails because we had arrived in New Bedford.  The dinner we had tonight was absolutely amazing!  It felt like a home cooked meal and we all wore our Sunday best, so it felt extra special.  As I sit in the salon during quiet hours listening to the hum of the generator, I think back on the last three weeks and those yet to come.  We have learned so much in a short amount of time, and I can’t wait to learn more.