10/07/19 - Ocean Classroom 2019: Day Twenty Two

Ocean Classroom 2019: Day Twenty Two

Baltimore, MD


It is Monday and we had a pretty good day - we did regular boat chores in the morning and Ms. Rags made us a good breakfast. After that we all took the water taxi to Fort McHenry and we learned about the War of 1812. Everyone was pretty tired, but we powered through. Ms. Rags brought lunch to us there. We all presented our watch flags and some of them were pretty cool. When we got back we had some free time to walk around and got to see Baltimore through our own eyes. It took us a while to find the trash wheel, where we were supposed to meet, but once we got there we learned about how the trash in the harbor gets picked up. It was really cool to see how people are taking action all over the world to help pollution in our harbors. Before dinner we got another chunk of free time to buy snacks!!! When we got back we got to meet our cook for the next 10 days. Now we are waiting to finish the movie Maiden, which we started yesterday. Can’t wait to resume our voyage tomorrow!!!