10/05/17 - Ocean Classroom 2017: Voyaging Down the New Jersey Coast

Ocean Classroom 2017: Voyaging Down the New Jersey Coast

Atlantic City, New Jersey


October 5, 2017: Today we sail off the coast of New Jersey. Although there was not a cloud in the sky, that could not stop the Roseway from getting wet! While for the lucky few that had the day off today, their day was filled with hours of long naps. Others were on watch, in navigation class, reading literature in class, or watching the elegant whales swim by the starboard side of the boat! As every day on the Roseway, everyone learns something new. For the girls, we learned about new uses for baby-diapers…they stop the leaks on your ceiling from making puddles upon puddles in your bed. We ended the 14th day aboard Roseway, watching the sunset on Atlantic City. There was yet another day that was filled with heart, hard work, and laughter. Everyone is excited to see what the next day brings and to wake up to another amazing breakfast!

Left: Erim stands responsible for Roseway as forward lookout. Above: Parker takes forward lookout as we pass Atlantic City.