10/04/19 - Ocean Classroom 2019: Day Nineteen

Ocean Classroom 2019: Day Nineteen

Chesapeake Bay

Lila B.

Dear voyage log,

Today was a very good and special day for all of us here on the Roseway. Yesterday we were rocking and rolling all the way to Cape May and went through the Chesapeake and Delaware canal and we ended up anchoring right outside of it. Today was beautiful especially rolling into the breathtaking city of Baltimore. We started off the day with a very energetic wake up: cap yelling “Fire in the forepeak!! Drill! Drill! Drill!” It was really quite the wake up. We all got into our watches and did exactly what the station bill said. We finished the drill and did our usual soles and bowls, main saloon cleanup, and and fish and fo’c’sle cleanup. Hana made some really good pumpkin muffins for breakfast and off we went to Baltimore! It took us a few hours to get to the city from where we anchored. As we followed the channel into the harbor we saw an American flag colored buoy, that is exactly where the man who wrote the Star Spangled Banner was when he wrote it. We are now in port tied up to a dock in Baltimore and we are all so excited and ready for the next few days ahead!

- Lila