10/04/18 - Ocean Classroom: Day 14

Ocean Classroom: Day 14


After a great first night in Gloucester, I was woken up at 00:45 for anchor watch.  There was plenty of food for anchor watch snacks because of all the food we bought on shore and leftover cookies and brownies from dinner.  Anchor watch went by quickly and I was back in bed before I knew it.  We woke up at 7:10 for our usual morning muster.  We had chocolate chip pancakes for breakfast and shortly after we left for the Fisherman’s Wharf in Gloucester.  It was a short walk away from Roseway and when we arrived we were greeted by friendly fisherman.  They showed us the vacuum seal they use to preserve fish and then took us to the freezer.  The freezer smell was strong even for people used to the fish market smell.  The smell made some of us (Frances) a little sick, but it was very interesting to see such a large quantity of fish.  We then stepped outside and watched fisherman actively package large amounts of small fish into containers.  They were coming straight from the boat up to the warehouse.  We left feeling very impressed by the work being done at the Fisherman’s Wharf as we returned to Roseway for lunch.  We ate sandwiches on board and then went to the marine science center just down the dock.  We dropped our bags inside and then we were taken to the boat house where boats are dragged on shore.  We met Zim, a man I met earlier in the day while using the restroom on shore.  Kristen, A.J., and I talked to him about our trip, and he remembered me when we came back.  Zim had me control the chain which is what drags the boats up.  We then went to the aquarium and the museum to complete a worksheet.  At 16:15 we mustered outside and then had free time in Gloucester.  Tommy, Cat, Janelle and I ran to main street because stores were closing soon.  I ate a sandwich and then picked up some more snacks.  Dinner was shepherd’s pie.  After dinner we were supposed to watch a movie but the speaker was too quiet so we couldn’t.  We all had a great time in Gloucester and are looking forward to more great port stops in the future.