10/01/18 - Ocean Classroom: Day 11

Ocean Classroom: Day 11

Van T.

It was 23:45 on September 30th, 2018.  When I was silently sneaking out of my bunk to get on watch while trying very hard not to wake my shipmates who were peacefully asleep.  As I creaked the fo’c’sle hatch open, I was woken up by a breeze of cold air blowing softly at my face.  Our watch, B watch, started mustering at 23:55 where we were given our roles.  At the top of the hour, A-watch was relieved and we started taking over the deck.

My first job was tacking, which allows the ship to turn into the wind.  After that, I was at bow watch.  With us being so far away from land, there was not much going on.  In fact, there was little to no activities and so, I quietly hum to myself while keeping a careful eye for any movement or objects, like a ship or a buoy.  After being on bow watch, I went over some pins with Steve, then did a boat check before turning our watch over to C-watch.

In the morning of October 1st, at 07:00, I was awakened by Nikki softly whispering my name.  Though it was a false wake up, I still got up to do some reading before eating the delicious breakfast.  Then I did my Marine Science and Navigation homework with Nikki.  My first class was literature.  We started out with a shanty, as usual.  We also discussed chapter two and read aloud chapter three of The Boat Who Couldn’t Float, an interesting and humorous story.  At 11:30, I rushed to the salon for my early lunch because I belong to the oncoming watch.  Last night repeated itself, but in broad daylight.  Except I was on dish duty instead of tacking.  Then I also took over bow watch.

As Roseway glides swiftly through the water, the wind blew aggressively while I stand still as a rock trying to keep an eye out for any objects that might appear as a threat to Roseway and her red coat.  For a while, I stood gazing into the distance before I was relieved by Frank so that I can attend a class.  In Marine Science we talk about marine mammals, which was really interesting and helpful as we are heading to Stellwagon Bank for whale watch.

The day leads me to this moment, where I am attentively and quietly journaling with a growling stomach that demands food.  The past two weeks have been a journey of building new friendships.  This experience has been a journey of self-finding and growing, a journey which, if I could, I would relive.