10/03/19 - Ocean Classroom 2019: Day Eighteen

Ocean Classroom 2019: Day Eighteen

Delaware Bay

Griffin S.

Dear voyage log,

My log is going to be different from other people’s logs, in that I am going to show you what a day in a life on Roseway looks like...

0000 - On deck for the 0000-0400 watch. Running down wind along the NJ shoreline in around 25-30kts of wind and 6-8ft seas.

0000-0100 - Our watch had galley ancillary duties so we had to re-organize the galley pantry.

0100-0200 - Forward lookout... trying to hone your night vision to spot the smallest of lights out on the horizon for the nav team to plot on the chart.

0200-0400 - After being on forward lookout I moved back in the boat to start taking 3-bearing fixes, radar fixes, and dead reckonings.

0400-0700 - Sleep! Finally, you really get good at working off of very little sleep. I woke up when my feet hit the top of my bunk and then the boat suddenly rolled back and I smacked my head on the top.

0800-0815 - Breakfast consisted of an oatmeal banana bake with chocolate chips.

1000-1100 - Matthew taught lit class in the salon, until the rolling made some people feel uneasy so class suddenly moved out on deck in the wind and the spray. We started and ended class with sea shanties.

1200-1600 - Our second watch of the day going up the Delaware and into the Chesapeake and Delaware Canal to Baltimore.

1500-1600 - Nav class, we learned how to do a dead reckoning

1630-1700 Went aloft to take my picture on the Polaroid for the photo of the day

1700-1730 - Almanacs, where each watch shares their info of the day. Nav, weather, and engineering are the three different topics.

1730-1800 - Dinner! Burgers and fries!

1830-2000 - Hanging our in the salon after dinner before watch

2000-0000 - Watch for the last time of the day.

- Griffin S.

P.S. Hi Mom and Dad!!!