10/03/18 - Ocean Classroom: Day 13

Ocean Classroom: Day 13

Gloucester, MA

Steve J.

We woke up today at 0700 and got dressed for an eventful day.  We held our usual muster at 0715, and my watch (B-watch) cleaned the soles and bowls.  I cleaned the head for the first time, and it was not the most enjoyable of jobs, but I got it done.  We had pumpkin pie and oatmeal for breakfast, which was amazing!  Nikki, A.J., and I presented our port report on Gloucester, which consisted of a page about Gloucester’s history, information on the town, and current events, followed by some jeopardy-style trivia.  It was fairly smooth, and a lot of fun. 

We hauled up anchor, and headed for the dock in Gloucester.  We passed many quaint, elegant looking houses on the ocean, and many old buildings.  We docked, packed our backpacks, and set off on foot.  We walked about 20 minutes to get to the tide pools, where Ali taught us about the Marine food chain.  We all drew two organisms that we saw and were of interest to us.  I drew a periwinkle and some marine vegetation. 

We then walked back to the Roseway, where a simple lunch of PB&J, apple sauce, and other things was set up.  We went back into the town of Gloucester at around 1430 to conduct our Humans of the Port interviews.  My group interviewed a man who was a carpenter, and he told us about his time in Gloucester and how he used to work on the Roseway when it was a pilot ship.  I have started to notice an upward trend of the number of people who have either worked, or have been involved with the Roseway at the ports we visit, and they all have fond memories of it.  Following the interviews, we had an hour and a half of free time, and we explored the town and stocked up on food. 

At 1730, we all returned to the ship and had a tasty lobster dinner courtesy of the McCormick family.  Daniel gave me my first taste of lobster, and I have to admit, it wasn’t too bad.  We also indulged in pizza, chicken tenders, and brownies.  After dinner, Johnny brought out his guitar and we sang songs.  Overall, it was a fun and eventful first day in Gloucester, and I look forward to what the following days bring.