10/02/19 - Ocean Classroom 2019: Day Seventeen

Ocean Classroom 2019: Day Seventeen

Off the coast of New Jersey, Atlantic City in Sight

Billy B.

Dear voyage log,

Usually, 0400 wake ups do not come pleasantly, however aboard Roseway, getting up at this hour means that the most relaxing day that our watch schedule provides is a comin’! Starting the day with a mandatory wake up at this hour forced me to witness a beautiful sunrise that I would rarely ever see. Following our watch, we were gifted with a delicious make-your-own breakfast burrito. However my morning soon faded away as I headed down to my bed for a long 2 hour nap. I was woken up abruptly by Chloe as a reminder that I had to be up on deck in 10 minutes for my history class. Here we were tasked to come up with our own design for a watch flag after watching a TED talk on what makes a good flag. It was a rather entertaining class if I do say so myself. With the main throat halyard fixed and a sub-par lunch of leftovers in our bellies, we headed for the C and D canal off the entrance of the Delaware Bay. What came next was your average day sail, however me and Jaimes decided to venture out on the headrig for a lil’ chill sesh to spice things up. From that point on, nothing really interesting came to light until the evening. We were gifted with one of the most vibrant, colorful, and bright sunsets that I have ever experienced. I walked out of the saloon to see the whole sky completely illuminated with a bright orange glow. This color cast shadows around each cloud in the sky, creating an almost ripple effect that reflected each shade of orangish-red on the color spectrum. We were all shocked in awe as the majority of us scurried down below to grab cameras of all sorts in order to capture this few in a lifetime experience. Despite our tired morales and rosy, sunburnt noses, we were all immediately lifted into radiant moods as we settled down for bed. However, my positive attitude was short-lived as I realized my 0000 to 0400 watch. All in all it was a good day aboard the Roseway and I ponder what is to come in the following days.

- Billy