10/02/18 - Ocean Classroom: Day 12

Ocean Classroom: Day 12

Stellwagon Bank

Tommy C.

Today B-watch had an early rise due to the lack of available hands on deck for coming about.  It was very gusty, and coupled with the inclement weather, it was an eventful morning to say the least.  Shortly after our tack, we had a fantastic breakfast of scrambled eggs, apple slices and cinnamon buns.  Unfortunately, due to the fact that group B had first watch, we could not get seconds or thirds.  Our watch was fairly uneventful except for the brief appearance of a small whale off of the starboard bow.  Only its fin and the spray from its blowhole was visible through the impenetrable fog that seemed to follow our boat throughout the day.  Our current destination is Gloucester, MA, and we are expected to arrive before nightfall.  After lunch, the entire boat gathered to launch a message in a bottle filled with memories and thanks to Dave Pilla off of Stellwagon Bank.  It was a heartfelt moment for everyone.  We ended the brief ceremony with a sea shanty.  At 14:00 we gathered for class, which was lead by Eric.  The topic was fisheries in Gloucester, and we spent the time talking about its rich history.  The whole group is very excited to go ashore tomorrow, and I certainly share that sentiment.  It will be nice to stretch our legs ashore.