10/01/19 - Ocean Classroom 2019: Day Sixteen

Ocean Classroom 2019: Day Sixteen

New York Harbor

Madeline B.

Today was quite a day. I had a wonderful full night of rest. Because we were anchored everyone got to catch up on a little sleep, with only 1 hour and 20-minute watches last night. So our day started off with chores, a morning swim and literature class. The great part about being on a boat is that you always have your own pool. So this morning we took full advantage of it jumping off of the deck into the surprisingly warm waters of New York Harbor. Then, during literature class we got to start our sail through New York City. Everyone was so excited and interested as our sail through the city did not disappoint. All through lunch we coasted, while some got to climb the rigging for a great 360 degree view of the city. Those of us headrig cleared had the opportunity. When it came my turn I was ecstatic to get the best view of the city, however it was not the experience I was expecting. After patiently waiting for others to get their turn, it was finally mine, so I quickly scurried up the ladder. The fire was insane, with water all around every part of the city just as I had known, the huge city with tiny people quickly walking around. Just as I was getting ready to climb down from aloft Holly and I heard a big snap and thunk! It was scary and overwhelming as we looked down to see people on deck moving around and cap giving orders. Ultimately there was just a small rigging problem, but it was quite an event to experience at the top of the ship.

- Madeline