10/01/17 - Ocean Classroom 2017: Learning Lines and Knots

Ocean Classroom 2017: Learning Lines and Knots

New London, CT


October 1, 2017: In lieu of a written entry, Ivy created a beautiful sketch of Roseway for today’s log.

Today we made way from New Bedford to New London. We will be making a quick pit-stop to pick up supplies for the boat, and then we plan to sail south towards Norfolk, VA. Students were very attentive and excited to be on active watch today, to learn their lines and knots to get bowsprit and aloft certified, to catch up on some much deserved rest, and to gear up for their classes for the week. The crew has been very impressed by their desire to learn and engage in this program--we have 22 budding sailors on our hands!

Ivy's Sketch

Ivy's Sketch.

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