09/30/18 - Ocean Classroom: Day 10

Ocean Classroom: Day 10

44°06.63 N, 068°04.17 W

Frances W.

September, September, a Month to Remember -

After reaching anchor in the middle of the night, our seven o’clock wake up called upon all sleepy sailors to rise and start the day.  A classic round of chores and a delicious breakfast burrito, made by Brandon, seemed only fitting for our morning ashore in Valley Cove, ME.  Jamming six people in each of the small motor boats, we anxiously prepared for what was told to be a “short but rigorous hike.”  Waiting for all the members of our crew to arrive at the beach, many of us passed the time skipping rocks under the warming morning sun.  When we set out on the trail, we wandered back and forth a few times looking for our way.  Later, we were informed by an older couple that in fact, our trail was closed.  Instead of heading back to the boat, we turned around, and ventured up another path to a lookout in hopes for an overview of the Roseway.  Sadly, we did not get a view of our floating home, but in turn, sat for half an hour and took a quiet moment to journal.  I personally was not in a journaling mood, so I sketched the view instead.  When we returned, Captain made a swim call, and several of us leapt into the frigid Atlantic, in hopes of getting clean.  At noon, we hoisted our sails, and set off down the coast of Maine, headed for Gloucester.

Frances W.  (44°06.63 N, 068°04.17 W)