09/29/19 - Ocean Classroom 2019: Day Fourteen

Ocean Classroom 2019: Day Fourteen

Buzzards Bay, MA

Tagh H.

The 0400 wake up for dawn watch may have been mandatory, but sadly, it was not worth it. This watch is known to be “the best” watch, the reason being you get to enjoyably witness the sunrise, however, today’s sunrise was just not cutting it. Surprisingly, being a week into the voyage, B watch (aka my watch or Best Watch) has never had the dawn watch due to the port stops interrupting them. Therefore, y’all can imagine my excitement for my first time on the “best watch,” I truly was happy to finally have it, but the final product was not what I expected. My good ol’ buddy Zach woke me up and right as he did, I just had no motivation to move and admit that my king’s sleep was truly over. All I wanted was to stay scrunched up in my tiny, cramped bunk, and yes, if you were wondering if I lay fully straight in my bunk, my head pushes against one wall while my feet rest hard on the other. Despite my unenthusiastic attitude, I pulled myself out of bed, remembering it was dawn watch, which, as you know by now, was a complete let down. Anyways, on that note, let’s continue on with the day; the 08:00 breakfast following my watch was amazing as it always is when Tierney is cooking, she bakes like no other. Post-breakfast, a boring day, or so I thought, commenced, the entire day being used for catching up on homework, which included a lit paper and journaling. And so the day went on, before I even knew it, it was the afternoon. I had been grinding on my paper all day with my partners when I decided I needed a homework break. As I was exiting the saloon, I saw Jaimes, Kerri and Billy taking some buckies, and not gonna lie, I was deeply hurt that I did not get an invite, especially since I was long overdue for a nice cleaning. I jumped straight down to the fish, put on my suit, grabbed my soap and towel, then was right back on deck. A freezing cold shower had never felt so good, mainly because you have a good friend dumping a bucket of salt water on you. During our thorough wash, a tuna was caught and he was a big girthy boy. Holly, being the science dork she is (she takes it as a compliment, don’t worry), dug her knife straight into it and filleted it. After this, it was back to the saloon for more work, then came almanacs, then Tierney’s delicious taco dinner, Madeline’s birthday celebration with cake I could not eat so I got my own little dairy free cupcake, and finally back to the saloon to write this daily log. Just when I thought I could bang this out and hit the hay, Matthew came in and shared with the entire saloon his poo-ems. I have never laughed so hard in my life, I thought my jaw was going to fall off and my stomach burst. This one moment made the entire day great and all it took were some good, short poo-ems.