09/28/17 - Ocean Classroom 2017: New Bedford

Ocean Classroom 2017: New Bedford

New Bedford, MA


September 28, 2017: Today we sailed into New Bedford. We started the day of with our first navigation class with Captain, where we learned about reading charts and finding your way into port. After that, we were given an hour to eat in town. Next we went to a fishing museum and learned about the history of local fishing culture. We finished the day with a history class on a grassy hill in the town then returned back to the boat for dinner.

Left: Students listen in to a talk at the New Bedford Fishing Heritage Center. Right: Joey poses as a New Bedford fisherman!

Left: Parker looks pensive as he observes various types of fishing gear. Right: At the New Bedford Fishing Heritage Center, students learned about the significance and origins of sailor tattoos. But not to worry families! No students received tattoos in the process.