09/27/19 - Ocean Classroom 2019: Day Twelve

Ocean Classroom 2019: Day Twelve

Gloucester, MA


Days have started to begin to blend together. We are all running on a very peculiar internal clock than what we are used to. Our minds now seem more adapted to the 03:00 wake ups as well as the once confusing military time. Today began in a similar manner with an all hands mister at 07:00. We all proceeded to stuff our faces with homemade muffins thanks to Tierney. As our bellies settle and the floors were swept of crumbs we mustered in the salon for history class. We were introduced to the Humans of the Port project which is an ongoing assignment where at every port we must interview people about being a local in that area. Before we were released to explore Gloucester and it’s people we watched a heartwarming and inspiring Ted Talk on the importance of interviews which brought some to tears. With a newfound inspiration for our task we branched odd to conduct our interviews. I myself interviewed a hot dog vendor, others the mayor of Gloucester or a random stranger. We all came back boisterous and eager to tell each other of our finds. After eating a brief lunch we set off again for science class. We all walked down to a beach a little ways from the boat. We learned about intertidal zones and collected/tested water samples. Once class wrapped up we went on a swim which transformed into much needed ocean showers. Freshly salted and cleaned, we went out to shop and obtain SNACKS! We met back at the ship and got all spiffed up in our Sunday bests for a lobster dinner thanks to a Proctor family. As we ate we all began to notice a radio playing music. We were all too excited to crank the volume and create a dance party including the whole crew. Once we had enough Ariana Grande and old hits and playboy cardi we walked back to our home on the water loudly singing sea shanties. We were all pretty tuckered out and after an additional snack we crawled into our bunks awaiting once again that 03:00 wake up.

Sending good vibes from the sea,


- Kerri