09/27/18 - Ocean Classroom: Day 7

Ocean Classroom: Day 7

Rockland Harbor, Maine

Graham L.

As I was awakened this morning for our daily 7:15 am chores, I couldn’t help but wonder what Captain Flansburg had in store today.  For chores, A-watch had deck wash and our job was to wash the deck and the rails.  After chores, the long awaited call for a breakfast muster was yelled, and the crew, students, and captain gathered around starboard mid-ships.  For breakfast, Brandon cooked up breakfast sandwiches with bacon, spinach, and bean paste on an English muffin with sides of apples and peanut butter.  The next thing we knew Captain was giving commands to prepare sails.  The salty wet air sliced across my face as we hoisted the jib sheet, then the jumbo, followed by the foresail, and lastly the mighty mainsail. 

The students had an all hands history class amidships to go over and discuss the rubric for our Humans of the Port paper due on Saturday.  Homework, for me, is starting to build up as I have to read, find time to start my H.O.P. paper, and finish my voyage logbook; sleep is starting to become a necessity.  I don’t think I’ve ever been tired for this amount of time for so many days in a row.  Lunch is at 11:30 for A watch because we have watch from 12-4 pm.  Hopefully I can find time to get some rest before my second watch of the day 8-12 pm.  The wind is blowing from the southwest which is currently blowing from the stern of the ship.  We are sailing wing on wing with the mainsail and the foresail for the first time since we set sail almost a week ago… pretty cool.

Now we have dropped anchor near a mooring field in Rockland, Maine for the night.  Before dropping anchor, Eric had Cat, P.J., Renny, and myself put on harnesses to go out on the bowsprit and pull down and tie up the jib sail.  At 1400 today, we had a knot tying class with our watch groups where we learned how to tie knots such as a bowline, reef, Ashley’s stopper, and sheet bend.  As I sit in the main salon, classmates and crew go for our first underway swim of the voyage.  The sun is starting to set while we prepare for dinner; we will be doing anchor watch for the 4th night in a row tonight.  We are currently anchored at 44°06.042 North, and 69°05.705 West.  We will set sail tomorrow for Gloucester and hopefully make it there in a few days.