09/25/19 - Ocean Classroom 2019: Day Ten

Ocean Classroom 2019: Day Ten

Gloucester, MA


Dear voyage log,

Today I had my first 0400-0800 watch. It was truly spectacular to at first have the moonlight reflecting brightly on the water then the sun slowly come up in a beautiful orange color. The seas this morning were wavy so forward watch was very exciting. The wind was stronger than it has been so we were humming along quite nicely. Breakfast was very good, consisting of grapes, granola, yogurt, and English muffins. I think everyone really enjoyed!

We arrived at Gloucester around 15:30. We are currently tied to Roseway’s sister ship, Adventure. Adventure was built in the same shipyard as the Roseway about a year and a half after.

Tonight was very exciting, Matthew, Holly and Claire put on an incredible performance highlighting some facts about Gloucester. Then we all settled into our sleeping bags on deck for a movie with popcorn. Pretty awesome day!