09/21/18 - Ocean Classroom: Day 1

Ocean Classroom: Day 1

Boston Harbor Islands

Daniel G.

The emerging swells crash against the bow of the boat, the wind facing in the southwest direction.  The mildness brings on thoughts of the short yet complex journey that brought us to this reality.

Last Sunday, car after arrived at Eagle Pond.  The differentiation of students on the list brought both anxiety and excitement for the coming months.  Those who were already close friends scoured off in different directions of camp Kenwood forming initial barriers, but in hindsight, this meant absolutely nothing.  The formation of watches followed by dinner and a fire brought the initial volatility to an end. 

Camp Kenwood and a short visit to Proctor ended with a trip to Hurricane Island off the coast of Rockland, Maine.  There, we met Teddy, Lexi, and the other educators that inhabited the island.  The expedited trip brought even more anticipation for the boarding of Roseway.

On our last night at Hurricane Island we touched on the most pertinent subject in all of our minds, Dave Pilla.  Our pondering of the principles that Dave embodied nearly brought us all to tears.  The untouchable subject that we chose to talk about forged an elemental interconnectedness between us all. Dave will be remembered by me for giving us the opportunity to achieve happiness in its purest form.

Our final journey on land was from Hurricane to Boston Harbor.  It was all about to begin.  We all said goodbye to our parents so that they could be reassured in person by Brooks, Eden and Captain Flansburg.  Regardless of our craving for our parents’ love, we wanted to cast off without delay.  There it began, our journey on the schooner Roseway, a moment that will never be forgotten.

As I sit on the deck of the ship, I recall both today’s sailing and safety introductions as well as the recent day’s events.  The encroachment o f the blatant surrealism cannot be ignored.  Here we are. Here we go!