09/25/17 - Ocean Classroom 2017: Woods Hole Oceanographic Institute

Ocean Classroom 2017: Woods Hole Oceanographic Institute


September 25, 2017: Today marks our first port stop of the voyage on Roseway. We spent a day at wonderful Woods Hole, Massachusetts located on Cape Cod. After a nice breakfast of eggs and oatmeal, the group exited Roseway at 0845. Our first stop of the day was led by Hovey Clifford of the Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution. Hovey brought us onto the famous Falmouth ship called Atlantis. On Atlantis, the famous ALVIN lies and is used very often by the 23 scientists occupying the ship. One of the most interesting facts about Atlantis was the cost per day to work on the boat, tallying a whopping $45,000 a day. After the Atlantis we got to examine the diving labs and the marine organisms at the BR building with Scott Bennett. A funny fact about Scott is that he is from the same town as me. We ate Brian’s awesome sandwiches at 1200 and followed that with more presentations. The afternoon consisted of presentation by SEA. After a long wait with hunger lurking over us, we got back to Roseway and ate mango chicken and rice by the one and only. Tomorrow we continue pushing towards New Bedford with lots of energy!