09/24/19 - Ocean Classroom 2019: Day Nine

Ocean Classroom 2019: Day Nine

43.03861, -69.776299


Dear voyage log!

Oh my goodness, today was dolphin-ately a challenging day. Between frequent “all hands” calls and wavy waves and some weather, we were all put under some stress. I personally was pretty sick from a cold, that I’m slowly sharing with everyone, so that plus a sinus infection plus sea sickness and cold rainy weather made today a lot more difficult than the first couple days we had. Right now, I’m on watch and despite the fact that it’s 5:23 AM, or 05:23 (excuse me), I finally feel like I’m getting the hang of it. While today offered a lot of pressure, I was starting to see the most cohesion our group has ever had; when most of B watch went down for sea sickness on the 00:00/04:00 watch, the remaining three stepped up to fill their roles. This was pretty cool as everyone working together makes the Roseway feel a lot more like home.