09/23/19 - Ocean Classroom 2019: Day Eight

Ocean Classroom 2019: Day Eight

Castine, ME

Ian D.

Ian is Great

Today we were woken up by the vocals of our crew, to the song called “How Far I’ll Go” from the movie Moana. Then we started our day by receiving a tour of the planetarium at Maine Maritime Academy by a very nice professor who taught everyone a lot about stars, and even some other planets. Then we went to a lab where we learned and talked about the properties of water, and then continued to a wet lab with a couple of tanks. One had a few crabs that seemed to always fight each other and try to rip each other’s legs off. In the next tank there were many more creatures to touch and grab. The starfish were my favorite to grab, especially the big one that had so many legs. After the wet lab we went to the school bookstore by watches. I bought a tide stain stick and an MMA scarf. After the store everyone sat down outside and we wrote haikus. Each of us had to share one of our favorites, and then we wrote the haiku on a postcard with a note to whomever you wanted to send it to. After we wrote we went into a ship simulator in five different groups. It simulated the driving capabilities and necessities to make a boat move in the water. Each of the groups was put into different rooms where we each had our own simulator. Each simulated vessel was connected to the same simulation as all the others. It was fun but our simulated ship was the slowest and other groups would try to ram us. After the simulator we went on a very fun and energetic ride on the Schooner Bowdoin. I liked the Bowdoin for its interesting past in sitting in the Arctic ice in the winters. I never knew a ship could do that. After the beautiful sunset sail we went back to Roseway for a very relaxed evening. Of course in the end everyone still had to finish their safety homework :(