09/22/19 - Ocean Classroom 2019: Day Seven

Ocean Classroom 2019: Day Seven

Castine, ME

Kara L.

Immersion Suits and Cheesy Bread

My day began with an unexpected wake up at 01:00 to take in the sails. After I went back to bed, I was awoken again for anchor watch from 05:00 to 06:00. Everything went as usual and I started my day with two Oreos. Since my watch was meeting all hands at 07:00, I decided to stay up and help Brandyn with breakfast. When cracking eight dozen eggs, I cracked eight double-yolked eggs!

Pre-breakfast, I set the flag at 08:00 and Captain called all hands to help with the sails after breakfast. Before working on the jumbo, I lost a push-up contest to Zach (20 to 22 push-ups). From that time to when we mustered to talk about our plans in Castine, ME, was a blur of mashed potatoes for lunch and banging my head three times in my bunk before finding a comfortable nap position.

For our swim/safety/emergency lesson, we learned many different ways to float and swim with life jackets in certain scenarios. My favorite part was putting on our immersion suits and floating in the water.

My favorite part of the day was eating at the cafeteria at Maine Maritime Academy. After two cones of soft serve and slight regret in my mind, we headed to the “State of Maine” ship. The biggest fact that stood out to me was that the ship’s anchor was 5,000 tons and each link of chain was 25 pounds.

I am enjoying my time on the Roseway more than I could have ever imagined. I can’t wait to see what the next day holds, which I know includes eating in MMA’s cafeteria. I’m very excited for how this voyage will transform me... and my skin tone.