09/21/19 - Ocean Classroom 2019: Day Six

Ocean Classroom 2019: Day Six

Gulf of Maine

Cole K.

Today was my first full day aboard Roseway. I woke up very disoriented but excited for my first full day. A Watch was the first watch of the day. I started off watch steering the ship on the helm. Steering the ship felt different because unlike yesterday we were just sailing with no help from the engine at all. Sailing without the engine is different because you have to steer opposite of the wind to keep the boat straight and on course. I was steering 055∞. After steering the ship I watched in the front of the boat as forward lookout. During that all hands mustered on the quarterdeck for our first M.O.B (man overboard) drill with Oscar the soccer ball. The drill took seven minutes which is slow to cap’s preferred five minutes, but I am confident our next drill will reach that. Overall my first day was amazing.

*Photos to come soon!