09/19/19 - Ocean Classroom 2019: Day Four

Ocean Classroom 2019: Day Four

Hurricaine Island


Early morning we were treated to an excellent breakfast. Then we went on a trip to the local tide pools and various ecosystems around the island. After our collection of sea creatures we learned fun facts about the green crab, rock crab, and micro-organisms. After learning about tide pools, we jumped into the chilly ocean and bathed in the sun. Soon lunch was ready, and it was nacho salad. After the delicious meal, we picked up trash around the island in our watch groups. Then we came up with a pitch to solve the issue of trash in the ocean (marine debris), and presented them. Next, we had some personal reflection time looking over the water. Then we were treated to corned beef and vegetables. After dinner we joined together around the fire, singing "Wagon Wheel", with random additions from our very own Cole Kellogg. Finally, we packed up, and got a nice shower (thank goodness!), and prepared for our journey that begins tomorrow!

Sleep well!