09/19/17 - The Jackson School and Haley Pilot School

The Jackson School and Haley Pilot School

This past week, the crew welcomed fifth graders from The Jackson School and Haley Pilot School. Students from Haley Pilot visited Roseway this spring when she was in shipyard, so these students were excited to be back on board and this time...actually go sailing! We left the dock and students worked hard to help haul up our sails. Students learned about simple machines like pulleys and levers on board, how buoyancy keeps Roseway floating, a few basic knots that sailors use daily, and enjoyed a tour of the boat. Roseway's Community Values--teamwork, communication, trust, self-worth--held fast through each program and students recognized their importance on the boat, but also recognized that these values can be used in their everyday lives.

Left: Before boarding, students and the crew play the human knot game to practice good communication and teamwork. Right: Rotations are beginning! Students forward look into the forepeak, get an introduction to buoyancy on the port side, and figure out how to reeve a block on the starboard side. 

Left: To test buoyancy, students make (and name) their own aluminum foil vessels and see which type of boat holds the most "cargo". Right: Students take on the challenge of reeving a block.