09/18/19 - Ocean Classroom 2019: Day Three

Ocean Classroom 2019: Day Three

Hurricaine Island

B Watch

Today presented us with many new activities and opportunities to bond as a crew. We woke up bright and early to Holly & Claire singing “I’m yours,” which became a group sing along. Then we had a delicious breakfast of oatmeal, quiche, and yogurt. After, we split up into two groups to go rowing and then lobstering. Rowing was an activity that some found challenging and others found enjoyable, however it allowed us to all communicate and come together in small groups. Then Jack gave us a lot of knowledge of lobsters and how the process works. Then came another delicious meal, which was stir-fry. Following lunch we split up into two groups, where half of us learned about scallop farming and then we learned which types of leaders we have within the group. After we had a quick snack, followed by a hike of the island. We learned about the historical foundations left on the island along with the quarry. Towards the end we came to a beautiful clear info on the beach where we had a “sit spot,” where we reflected on goals we hope to achieve from our adventure. Dinner consisted of a variety of vegetables and chicken. After dinner we had a fun game of blindfolded dodgeball with toilet paper rolls. With three rounds total, all championships went to B-Watch. We are ending a great day in the swallow’s best with games and bonding.