09/06/16 - Beacon Academy aboard Roseway: How did you come together as a team today?

Beacon Academy aboard Roseway: How did you come together as a team today?

A Watch - Adrian, Teejay, Exavion, Anaya, Jess, Joelle

To raise the main, fore, jumbo, and jib we split the group into 2, with 6 or 7 students in each group. Then we all put in our best effort.  With even one person missing, it would have been more difficult. We had to pull with all the strength we had.

We also came together as a team when we set out and cleaned up dinner. We knew what had to be done and each did our part. Even after we finished our chore, we helped other crews complete their chore as well.

We came together on our Active Watch as well. One person drove the boat, two people watched the bow, and others cleaned the bell. We needed to trust each other to point out obstacles.

We think part of the reason we work so well together is because we feel so comfortable with each other. We feel like we are at home, surrounded by our brothers and sisters. We have to work together to solve problems at Beacon Academy too and help each other out when we don't understand. We’re open with each other and have a safe community where people can say what’s going on. When we need help with something, we go to each other. This experience is strengthening our team even more, helping us trust each other and get closer. We’re close but this trip made us closer because we pulled our own weight and learned about our strengths and weaknesses.

While furling the jib, some of our trust for our peers was put to the test because  many of us were scared to slip and fall into the ocean. Our friends knew what not to do in order for us to feel safe. We worked together to furl the enormous jib and had a safe and fun experience as a team.