09/02/15 - It Was A Seamanship Wednesday

It Was A Seamanship Wednesday

Long Island

B Watch: Christina, Khanh, Nayely, Kiana, Karel, Tyler, Cullen

It’s our second day on the Roseway, and it’s tiresome tonight even though we had an amazing day of trying different things. Our day started at numerous times this morning when students were woken between the times of 11:00pm to 6:00am to attend Anchor Watch. Cullen: I felt exhausted because I didn’t get much sleep but it was pretty cool getting up at 4:30am to do a watch and check the boat I learned so much in the course of two nights”. We soon were all awoken and got ready for the long day ahead of us. We mustered and did our 15 morning I-am-stars. For breakfast we had potatoes, bacon, and eggs made by our chef on board, Collin. Soon after we all came together as a team putting all we had into setting sails. We got together with our watch groups and began lessons. We did activities like tying four knots that sailor use and then afterwards we climbed the rigging. All members of B watch made it to the top, yay! We then had a lesson on buoyancy and constructed our own models of cargo ships out of tin foil. We also got the amazing experience of climbing the bowsprit. After conquering our fears we experienced a soothing breeze and got a better view of the ocean, a really good way to end the day. We are all looking forward to telling our friends and family about our adventures on the Roseway.