09/01/15 - Beacon Academy is Underway

Beacon Academy is Underway

Peddocks Island

A Watch: Vanessa, Erika, Ysael, Persia, Alene, Cole, Iara

It’s Beacon Academy’s first day on board the Roseway! We started off our day by introducing ourselves to each other. Then we did our opening circle and “I’m A Stars!”. We broke into watch groups and learned more about the boat. Once we underway, we raised 4000 lbs worth of sail. We felt accomplished even though the sails were really heavy. We split back into our watch groups and learned about each other. Our watch went on bow watch and learned all the different hand signals, including our favorite sea monster. When we weren’t on bow watch we were learning more about each other by playing Two Truths and A Lie. Some of A Watch helped furl the jumbo before we dropped the anchor. We had a delicious dinner and helped clean up. We are very excited about tomorrow even though we’re a little nervous about a few things like climbing the rig.