08/31/16 - Trust and Courage Required

Trust and Courage Required

C Watch - Garrett, Izaiah, AJ, Alexis, Jennifer

Today we raised the fore’sl and then got underway. We got to learn the pins and eventually got to the humpback whales. We got to see 3 of them breach in a row and another one that was lovin’ life. There wasn’t much wind but it was still really cool to see the whales. On our way to Rockport we climbed the rig, which required a lot of trust and courage. It was also really fun and had cool views. That’s it, but another shot out to Caroline for throwin’ down in the galley. The food was shmacked. 

Lifting sails every morning
And reading books near the galley
Dropping sails every night

Sailing the Roseway
Pulling on all types of lines
Waiting to get home

Sitting on the bow
Or climbing high on the rig
We watch the whales breach

Sailing the high seas
Hoist the jumbo and jib up
Check the fore’sl now

The Arctic Circle
My mama said to get out
I got the starboard