08/29/17 - Appreciating New and Exciting Work

Appreciating New and Exciting Work

Gloucester, MA

Matiniah & Julian

August 29, 2017: It is the second day of our voyage aboard the Roseway! On this day we awoke from our slumber below deck to begin our day of toiling at the sails.  We raised anchor, raised the sails and set out for another glorious day of travel. We imbibed our breakfast of French toast casserole and while we traveled we learned new skills of spotting foreign object that may cause harm to the Roseway and her crew (bow watch).  We also got to go out on the bow sprit!!!  We performed our daily duties to check the boat for liabilities and upon learning that we were safe, we then took a long moment to rest our tired bones. The work is what we appreciated as new and exciting despite being exhausted. We took our rest time to enjoy our voyage to Gloucester. Once we stopped we learned how to be sailorly men and women by tying knots and learning how to navigate the harbors of Massachusetts.  Our greatest achievement on board the Roseway today was learning how to coil the rope in a Ballantine pattern. It’s sheer beauty was quite a sight to behold. Our dinner was absolutely infatuatingly fabulous! We dined on sweet and sour chicken and imitation meat. Today truly was a glorious day on board this 92 years young vessel and her amazing crew. YOLO!!!!!!  

Left: A Watch out on the bowsprit (Ali, Garrett, Dallas, Matiniah, and Jamee). Right: Palma and Aminah learn navigation with Rachel and Will.

Left: Matiniah on helm. Right: Laila and Aminah sweating the anchor burton.