08/30/16 - Outside of Comfort Zones

Outside of Comfort Zones

B Watch: Nick, Cam, Beth, Megan, Janae

Getting on the Roseway forced us to leave our comfort zone by doing things we’re not used to doing. We aren’t able to eat and sleep when we want, we are on a structured schedule, we don’t have our phones, we wake up in the middle of the night, and we do not have as much control as we’re used to. We also can’t shower! But we somehow make it all work. 

Today we had a chance to shower in the ocean. We had mixed emotions going in. We were scared because we were worried about the cold and about slipping off the boat, but we were excited about getting a chance to bathe. Lots of people cheered and encouraged each other as we jumped off the boat one by one. It was freezing! But also refreshing. Once we gave it a try, we realized it was not as bad as we anticipated.  Which also applies to this whole trip! This experience is bringing us all together and pushing us to try new things every day.

Also we saw a pod of whales today! They were right up next to the boat and we spent an hour watching their tales slap the water. That image will stay with us forever.

And the food is bomb! Tonight was BBQ chicken, corn and chickpeas, mashed potatoes and watermelon. We are pleasantly surprised with the food and love our cook! Go Caroline Go!