08/29/16 - Camp Harbor View LITs aboard Roseway: First Impressions

Camp Harbor View LITs aboard Roseway: First Impressions

A Watch: Jarred, Calia, Jasiah, Kailah

It is exactly what we thought it would be like.  We were scared, then we weren’t scared.  We enjoyed the views – you don’t get to see the perspective from a boat very often.  We enjoyed sitting on the boat and looking down into the water.  It made us feel some type of way.  Unlike riding a ferry, we became part of the team of the boat by doing work and helping out.  This morning we were contemplating going home, but when we got on the boat it wasn’t bad.  It is rather mind-blowing seeing how a boat can work, close-up, with just winds and sails.  It is surprising that there is no engine.  We thought the crew members would be annoying, but instead they are really chill.  As Leaders In Training (LITs) this whole summer, we have been telling people what to do, so it was interesting to transition into being someone that is told what to do.  Turns out, it wasn’t hard to adjust to that very quickly.  The crew told us what to do in a manner that didn’t treat us like babies.  It is a setting in which you have to be constantly cognizant, you can never be inactive.