08/27/15 - Deckhand Olympics and Climbing the Rig

Deckhand Olympics and Climbing the Rig

B Watch: Darius, J-Flo, Cameron, Jada

The misdirected wind did not stop the Roseway from sailing out of Provincetown harbor. As we stood on active watch the sea spray gave us a refreshing dose of ocean water with salt spray washing over the bow. As the wind picked up, we felt like we were properly sailing. The heel made it difficult to walk around the deck. Nevertheless, B Squad kept a vigilant watch and enjoyed another opportunity to climb the rig. The watches trained rigorously for the upcoming Deckhand Olympics practicing their coils, knots, and pin-ology. Transitioning into a period of reading and reflection, we were attacked by a swarm of biting flies which made it difficult to both read and reflect. However, the crew valiantly fought back the onslaught using knots, books, and shoes and successfully defended the ship until we arrived safely into Manchester Bay. We look forward to the deckhand Olympics and are sad to say goodbye to the Roseway, Or perhaps, simply see you later. We did a good job, good job.