08/26/15 - The Galley, the Bowsprit, and a Whole Bunch of Whales

The Galley, the Bowsprit, and a Whole Bunch of Whales

Provincetown Massachusetts

A Watch: Alexus, Nia, Jarred, Maurice, Shylah

We woke up at 7:30 and ate some bomb cheesy grits by Head chef, Liz. Following breakfast we read our mad libs which were made in the early hours of the morning. We started our day with reading and reflections. And we struck upon Roseway gold and we got the opportunity to cook with Liz and 3/5 of Alpha Squad got to make lunch, dinner, and the midnight snacks. For seamanship today, we earned the opportunity to seek out for the elusive prey of whales on the bowsprit. We continued our seamanship rotation with a lesson on buoyancy. We folded sheets of aluminum foil to imitate a cargo ship and used wooden blocks and nails as weights. Following seamanship, we had active watch and we saw three whales. We witnessed the whales breech, tail slap, and swim under the bowsprit. We were very fortunate today when it came to whale watching we were able to actually see into their blowholes and smell their rancid breath and we also saw Pilot whales as we made our way to P-Town. We ended our day with a lovely swim followed by another wonderful dinner from Chef Liz. We look forward to the adventures the next two days will bring.