08/26/14 - Camp Harbor View Leaders-in-Training Begin Expedition

Camp Harbor View Leaders-in-Training Begin Expedition

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Darius- My experience on the boat was very interesting. At first when we were learning about the knot tying I was very intrigued on the different types of knots we could do. When we did the boat check I was also interested on how the boat works and how to check the boat if it was not functioning correctly. After this I thought that it was boring when we were reflecting. Also I had a headache because of dehydration but then later after we went into the ocean and had food I had a blast.

Melissa- In the morning I was anxious about sinking. After I have been on this boat for a whole day I am not worried about sinking no more. Today it was really fun learning about the boat and doing chores.

Ike- Once I saw the boat from a distance I was very anxious to explore it and get used to it because I’d be living on it for a couple days. At first the day was very tiring and I got bored real quick and felt like time was not going by. As the day went on I felt more enthusiastic and the food at dinner was delicious. Overall the day was alright but I look forward to the four nights we have left.

Destine: has to say one thing I am not able to eat my snacks during meal or even just to have snacks BUT the food is actually great/taste ALSO its okay so far, if I could there are some things I would change without making it to the extreme. Anyway yeah theres 4 more days left and I just cant wait to get my snacks.

NABEEHAH- In the morning I was excited about touching the whales and hoping to ride one. I was also excited to jump in the ocean.