08/25/15 - Seamanship Underway to Gloucester

Seamanship Underway to Gloucester

C Watch: Tyra, Shaquel, Jakai, Jenna, Alexis

Started the day bright and early at 7:30. We had a rousing breakfast, followed by the Anchor Watch raps we had created earlier this morning. Everyone created an original song and they were all very funny. After that, we raised sail. Jakai and Cameron did a strong job helping with raising the anchor. Between breakfast and lunch, sea sickness came over the crew like a debilitating wave. Many of our crewmates had become nauseous and were complaining of stomach aches. During our sail, we headed north towards Gloucester, encompassed in thick fog. Eventually, Tyra in her storm boots gave us sunny weather. Our bow watch duo did an excellent job spotting out cargo ships and other possible hazards. Following our Active Watch, we had a very deep Reading & Reflection session. Jakai enlightened everyone with his many philosophies. During Seamanship, we went over Points of Sail and worked on our knot tying. Many of us made Turk’s head bracelets and anklets. We then returned to active watch while Cavo heroically replaced the fish hold waste pump. After finding a place to settle down, we anchored for the night and went for a swim. After our swim we had a delicious dinner. We are now finishing our nightly chores and are very excited for the day ahead.