08/24/15 - Leaders in Training Underway

Leaders in Training Underway

Peddock's Island

B Watch: Jada, Jennifer, Darius, Cameron

The adventure was delayed because of certain obstacles that came our way. Nevertheless we had an insightful day filled with new things such as tying knots, how to do a boat check and we had the opportunity to climb the rig. Even though it was a bit scary, B squad was there to support each other every step of the way. Ryan shared with us a bit about the history of the Roseway and how it went through a war, was retired, and now became a part of the world ocean school. Afterwards captain tom explained the safety procedures put in place on the Roseway. Finally we raised the sails and left the Boston harbor. Even though it was hard work we were able to get all four sails up. Unfortunately Oscar the soccer ball found its way into Davey jones locker. “Man over board,” we cried and the crew swiftly went into place to retrieve poor Oscar. Luckily we retrieved him in time to continue our navigation lesson. Despite Oscar’s interruption, we were able to learn about charts, water depth, and compass roses. B squad is excited for the week to come and for any challenges that might arise. Happy birthday captain tom! We did a good job, good job.