08/22/19 - Summer Ambassador Program 2019: Day Thirteen

Summer Ambassador Program 2019: Day Thirteen

Boston Harbor Islands


The sun shined happily through the fog as it greeted us for our final full day on Roseway. We ventured off our beloved home to lend a hand to the waters we have sailed with such fun; we headed to Thompson Island to assist with cleaning up debris washed in from the Boston Harbor. After our share of plastics were collected, we headed home, sun kissed and sweaty, to climb on board for our few remaining hours aboard our weather-worn and trusty boat. We turned our backs to the jagged skyline of Boston for one final anchorage at the Harbor Islands. The sun sinks sleepily towards the horizon as we don bathing suits for a final swim call. With all the “final’s” it’s easy to get lost in the emotions and forget the wonderful, fantastic things we have embraced. We have a tradition on Roseway of sharing our “roses” - high points - and “thorns” - low points - throughout our time together. We have created a garden of (more-or-less-thornless) roses.

And it’s time for us to leave her.