08/21/19 - Summer Ambassador Program 2019: Day Twelve

Summer Ambassador Program 2019: Day Twelve

Boston Harbor Islands


We woke early this morning to a delectable surprise
Chef Grady baked sweet pancakes that brought water to our eyes
But alas! The cap’n captured some of our possessions prized,
And we sang for our garments in front of our crew’s eyes.
After we dined, we set the sails for dear Boston’s skies,
And we opened our souls on the bowsprit, telling no lies
Once we filled on lunch, whales fluked on the high seas
The Boston gang rejoiced - ‘twas the Hancock that was pleased
Soon the Harbor Islands showed against the city’s face
And swim call was announced amidst the rain’s cold embrace
A brave few jumped, which they quickly learned to regret
UNO raged in the salon - a peaceful game? Better forget!
We ate pasta for dinner, which C-Watch kindly set
And now we wait for sleep with the sunset at our necks