08/20/19 - Summer Ambassador Program 2019: Day Eleven

Summer Ambassador Program 2019: Day Eleven

Provincetown, MA

Emily and Joseph

We started our day out already on the move. We got to the Cape Cod Canal and just in time for breakfast. Breakfast was eggs with cheese, potatoes with onions, and tortillas. We then did chores. We hoisted the sails as we came to the end of the canal and sailed to P-Town. While sailing we got to climb the rig with a beautiful view. We had green beans, sausage, baked beans, bread, and coleslaw for lunch. After lunch, we continued to climb as part of the seamanship rotation. We got delicious chocolate chip cookies for snack. We lowered sails as we prepared to anchor, and got to have a swim call after cleaning up the deck. The boys cried, "For the Boys!" Then the deckhands saw what looked like a shark, but we realized that it was a huge mola mola, or sunfish. Eddie, Gianna, Grace, and Greg jumped in and swam after the mola mola with goggles on. We had dinner, chores are done, and muster follows close behind as the day draws to a close and we enjoy the sunset over the ocean.