08/18/19 - Summer Ambassador Program 2019: Day Nine

Summer Ambassador Program 2019: Day Nine

Bissel Cove, Rhode Island

Sathi and Nick

Today we left Block Island for our journey to Bissel Cove, Rhode Island. For breakfast we had arepas, greek yogurt, and bacon. The watch officers and JWOs woke up at 7:00 to raise the anchor and get on our way. While on our way we had lunch which was tomato soup and grilled cheese. After eating lunch we continued our rotations in watch groups. After, we got ready to strike the sails so we could sail onto the hook. After getting onto the hook Claire mentioned a swim call which was AWESOME!! The boys were happy, and every time they jumped in they screamed, "for the boys!" After an hour in the big "pool" C-Watch set up for dinner. Dinner was lentils, mixed vegetables, potatoes, and curry sauce. Tonight we are going to muster and talk about our anchor watch groups. As the day comes to an end we watch the sun set over Wickford, Rhode Island.

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