08/17/19 - Summer Ambassador Program 2019: Day Eight

Summer Ambassador Program 2019: Day Eight

Old Salt Pond, Block Island

Jake and Aydin

Today’s early wake up was justified by the plentiful opportunities for adventure that our ever-loyal crew provided us with. We were woken up with Brandyn’s informational yet fanciful description of the weather. Sluggishly, we packed our bags and crawled up the ladder to the deck, where Chef Grady’s mouthwatering banana pancakes serenaded us with their scrumptious scent. Energised, we quickly cleaned our darling Roseway and climbed aboard water taxis, which ferried us to today’s destination - the small yet exciting Block Island. We hiked to a small gazebo where Kim the bird bander showed us the basics of tagging birds. We stayed lovely and interested through the entire walkthrough. We headed to the beach for lunch, then a swim that chilled the core of every Roseway ambassador. The water became too cold even for the Canadians. Then we all had ice cream. I speak for every ambassador when I say thank you to our crew! Back on Roseway, we disrupted the rest of the crew’s peace by losing our ball. Mike and Greg tried to rescue the ball in the small boat, but the ball had left our sight. Grady whipped up an amazing Chinese-themed dinner, and we cleaned the ship in time for swim call - much needed after the sandy nature of our day’s adventure. As the sun sets in the foggy west, we look out over the horizon of the Great Salt Pond - but our peace is disrupted by adolescent cries of “SATURDAY IS FOR THE BOYS!”