08/18/16 - Sailing through the Night into the Final Day

Sailing through the Night into the Final Day

The Avengers (Scooter, Caleb, Kaylyn, Katie, Olivia, Kyle)

Today was our last day. During the entirety of this trip, we learned how to raise the sails, tie various knots, coil the lines, and how to furl the sails. The best of all, we became closer to each other. We will be returning home knowing so much more about each other then from when we started. This was such a great experience for us. Last night was our first and only night sail. We had to put on harnesses and clip onto ropes connected to the deck so we wouldn’t fly off. We didn’t move very fast at all, but it was still fun. There was a full moon and low waves and some of us even saw whales in the night. We had shifts of four hours on and eight hours off which we all thought was pretty awesome. We learned about the radar and got to look for possible crashes. In all we had an amazing trip and yes it’s going to be sad to leave but nice to see our families again.