08/16/19 - Summer Ambassador Program 2019: Day Seven

Summer Ambassador Program 2019: Day Seven

Old Salt Pond, Block Island

William and Felix

We started the day off with breakfast burritos which consisted of eggs, sausages, rice, beans, cheese, and some tomato salsa. After we ate breakfast, we set sail to Block Island, leaving Greenport, Long Island behind us. For lunch we had our favorites from the week. While we were sailing right into the wind, we encountered the windmill farm. These were huge windmills, but we only saw parts of them because of the fog. The cool thing about the wind turbines are that the five of them were planted in the ocean. We had normal rotations. During seamanship we did a review of all of the pins on deck and did a pin chase. We arrived a couple hours before dinner and a fierce game of Catan was played. As we ate our dinner of chicken, rice, and cauliflower, Grace’s mom stopped by and took snack requests. We now do our chores with the sunset soon to come.