08/15/19 - Summer Ambassador Program 2019: Day Six

Summer Ambassador Program 2019: Day Six

Greenport, NY


Today is day 6, first day of Roseway tours and community service. We ate homemade biscuits and gravy with pieces of sausage. After breakfast we started our chores and grabbed Roseway Red shirts from Hana. A-Watch and B-Watch started going to the park while C-Watch started off with deck tours. I wasn't really a history person so at the beginning of the tours I refused to talk, but as we kept going I started to step up with Sathi. We laughed and joked around and made fun out of it. As A-watch headed back to the boat, we started to gather in the park for some R+R and free time. We played catch, soccer, and uno. When the time was up we headed back to the boat to meet up with A-Watch. We walked to a church to help Monica from CAST organize donated school supplies. We felt happy to give back to the people, especially to those who couldn't afford it. As we wrapped it up we walked back to the boat and got ready to shower and played football.We came back for dinner and ate corn, hot dots, tater tots, cole slaw, and pickles. Today was a mission accomplished as the Roseway students learn and give back to the people.