08/15/16 - Learning to Trust Each Other

Learning to Trust Each Other

A Watch: Kaylyn, Caleb, Kathryn, Scott, Olivia, Kyle

Today we sailed from Gloucester to Star Island in the Isle of Shoals. There was absolutely no sea sickness which was a bonus. We saw Fin whales and Minke whales. They came a lot closer to the boat then they have been the past couple of days. Some had the opportunity to take part in maintenance projects which is amazing because now we are a part of the boat. We are coming to an end in our voyage with only three days left. The days have been going by so fast! It’s going to be sad when it ends but for now we’re still having fun. Today we also got to climb the rigging although some were nervous it was quite the experience. We learned to trust each other by literally having each other’s lives in our hands by belaying our fellow mates. It was about 70 feet in the air!!!! We can’t wait for the long day ahead yet can’t wait to go to bed.