08/14/16 - Refining Skills En Route From Provincetown to Gloucester

Refining Skills En Route From Provincetown to Gloucester

C Watch: Nate, Joelle, Tommy, Alyssa, Claire, Dominic, Bryan, Miranda

This morning we set sail out of Provincetown, Massachusetts, and as we sailed out of the bay we saw lots of ocean life including dolphins, whales, oceanic sunfish, and a basking shark. The shark was frightening but exhilarating to see. We went swimming and it was cold so some people were unsure about the water and we were able to wash in the ocean for the first time in 3 days. Our group learned how to read the nautical chart, which helps us navigate and determine where we are. Unlike yesterday, when most of the crew had to sit out because of sea sickness, today everybody was able to join into the activities. We were followed by another sailing ship, The Tree of Life, all the way from Provincetown to Gloucester. Today we were also able to better some of our skills that we had begun to learn yesterday, including but not limited to knot tying, our lines and pins, and we are getting quicker at maintaining the ship as a whole. We are hoping tomorrow will be as productive and fun as today, if not more.